Arts in Mission? What’s that all about?

God loves to create.  The natural world is a testament to the inspiration at the heart of all things and God’s love of colour, design, functionality and beauty.  As human beings we are made in his image and when we create we are reflecting something of his nature.  There is a divine resonance when we are inspired to create something out of nothing and beauty comes into existence.

This web magazine is designed to encourage the creative arts in telling God’s story.  We want to showcase the creativity that is already expressed in Rochester Diocese and further afield and to enable communities everywhere to connect with their creative side.  We hope to stimulate thought, to inspire projects, and to pass on practical ideas that can be used and adapted in each place, in the local church and outside its walls.

This isn’t about art for art’s sake.  It begins with a love story expressed in a million different ways.  We want to translate and transmit that story in word, in picture, in form, through movement and sound and in any way that will enable God to be seen and heard.  It also becomes our offering in the relationship.

Telling God’s story requires us to talk and to listen.  We want a conversation with others and to seek the divine together.   Being in partnership with him, we get the opportunity to be co-creators of his story in our communities.  We are given the privilege of drawing others into the celebration of beauty, truth and wonder and learning from them to see how God is reflected in their eyes.  Community engagement is a central part of this understanding so that the gifts of God are shared.

These are early days for us and we suspect that this online magazine will develop and grow.  We want to hear what creative expressions you are involved with or what is happening in your community.  We envisage a network where people who have gained the knowledge and expertise through their own projects can pass on their learning to others who want to adapt that idea for their own local context.  The end result is that we encourage and help one another and creative expressions of art in mission grow and develop.  We also want to hear from you if you would like us to cover a particular field of interest. The Creative Arts is a very broad area and it would be good to focus on a range of different interests on our site.

We hope that many more creative expressions will come into being through sharing God’s Spirit at work within these pages and that Art in all its forms will bless the lives of many.

We’ve created a short film to showcase this developing ministry and this can be viewed below.

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  1. I’d love something more about Chagall Windows message at Tudeley. We have so much to share from the Diocese rich sources of art and creativity.

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