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Rochester Arts in Mission working with Cross-Sparks and Silk Purse Films has created a 16 minute film called In the Shadow of the Cross.  It a collection of four stories from the point of view of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, a Roman soldier, Mary Magdalene and the High Priest, Caiaphas. Written and directed by Mandy Carr, this film is an opportunity to think about what the crucifixion meant to each of them

Helen Cheales, playing Mary in The Mother’s Tale gives a sense of the grief at the loss of a child and it is in stark contrast to the matter-of-fact account given by Matthew Carr’s soldier in The Executioner’s Tale.  Molly Mills plays Mary Magdalene, struggling with grief and anger at what the loss means to her as a follower in The Disciple’s Tale and the stories end with the political expediency expressed by Neill McKenzie playing Caiaphas, in The High Priest’s Tale.

The film is offered free as a resource to download for schools and churches for Holy Week.

In the Shadow of the Cross from David Doré on Vimeo.

Discussion Questions for ‘In the Shadow of The Cross.’

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Jericho Way from David Doré on Vimeo.

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    1. Thanks Brian.
      If you look at bottom of the embedded film box you will see there is a link to the Vimeo channel where the film is hosted. It is ‘In the Shadow of the cross’. On the Vimeo page there is a button allowing you to download it. Click on this. Let me know how you get on.

        1. If you go to the film on this website there is the title below it in light blue writing. Click on ‘In the Shadow of the Cross’ and it will take you to the vimeo channel where it is hosted. When you see the film in front of you click on the button that says ‘download’ on the right at the bottom. It will ask what definition you want it (standard or high definition) and then click on that button and it will start downloading it to you computer. Let me know how you get on.

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