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This post is an opportunity to share creative ideas and to gain some inspiration for projects large and small…

Sharing stories of discovering a rock in a hard place

norwich 2b


During Lent, under the theme of ‘The Wilderness Factor’, Norwich Cathedral asked questions about who, or what, has brought inspiration and hope in a time of trouble or need.   Some well-known people had already shared their answers to these questions and these were on display. However, to make it more interactive, visitors were invited to share their own stories. The display was designed to create conversations about how we cope in difficult moments and to affirm the role that others can play in bringing help and hope.

Although this was particularly suited to Lent,  sharing stories of hope and encouragement could be something used throughout the year.

More than just a ‘knit and natter’ group

prayer shawl

St. George’s Church, Weald, has a Prayer Shawl Ministry Group. This is more than just coming together to knit, crochet and to learn the craft.   The purpose is to provide care and comfort to the community through the creation of shawls.  Prayer is a central part of the process, along with being together and sharing tea and cake.   The finished prayer shawls are blessed and then given to baptism families and those who are sick or bereaved in the community.  Not only does it provide a tangible sense of warmth and care, it’s a symbol of being enfolded in prayer and God’s love.

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