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Calling All Artists

Christian Art Opportunity

You are invited to create in whatever medium you like (paint, draw, sculpt, knit, needlework, music, poetry, photography, you name it) a piece of art depicting Matthew 6.6 “when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen.”

The Greek word for this text is ἡσυχασμός (esychía), “stillness, rest, quiet, silence”  

Submissions by 1st October

Works will be displayed in St Mary’s Church,Green Street Green, from 18th October for St. Luke’s day

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For further details and to register your interest click on the link below and fill in the online form

The Great Community Mural Competition

  – Win up to £10,000 for your church!

Celebrate the community work of your church.

Get creative for your chance to win.

Our church competition this year is all about celebrating community and the role our churches play within their communities. We want you to find a creative way of showing us the community work your church does. 
The competition will be judged not just on the quality of the work, but most importantly, how it represents your church’s role in your community, and the best entries will be combined to create our ‘Great Community Mural’. Entries can be in any form from cross stitch to pottery – so get creative! 

For more details click on the link below


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